The Investment bags and the trendy bags: What is the difference?

The Investment bags and the trendy bags: What is the difference?

In a world full of luxury brands, fashion shows, re-editions, and capsule collections, it became very hard to understand which bags will stand the test of time. People, who are in love with luxury fashion keep thinking if it's smart to invest over 4k in a bag, that might lose its value already next season?


In this article, we will discuss the difference between an investment and a trendy bag and list key points that help a trendy bag, become an investment peace over time.


The definition of an investment bag is Hermes Birkin. By looking at Birkin's history we can clearly see the key points, that matter when choosing an investment bag.

Birkin was created in 1984 in Paris, France, it is handmade from leather and named after the English-French actress and singer Jane Birkin. It takes a craftsman over 40 hours to produce a Birkin bag. The stitch on which the brand's reputation is based the "saddle "cannot be replicated by a machine, which makes this bag an epitome of craftmanship, helping to grant its luxury status.


The history of the creation is no less interesting, in 1984 Chief executive of Hermes, Jean Louis Dumas was flying together with Jane Birkin, on their flight from Paris to London, Jane Birkin famously carried a straw bag, stating that it was difficult for her to find a spacious weekend bag. These words inspired Jean Louis Dumas to revive the "Haut à Courroies" design and name it after Jane, creating a "Birkin" bag. The beautiful story and association with a famous actress and a style icon of the 70s France made the Birkin bag not only luxurious but also a tasteful item. In other words, the It-girl status of Jane Birkin helped to boost bag popularity.


The price of a single Birkin bag varies from 8,500 up to 300,000 euros. Depending on the hardware and materials used, and if you think having that budget to afford Birkin is enough you are mistaken. Production of Birkin bags is limited and There is no way to order a bag in the size, color, leather, and hardware you want unless you are a Hermes VIP client who has built a long purchase history in the store. The limitedness of the product adds an additional layer of hype to the Birkin, making it not only the most luxurious but the most exclusive luxury bag in the history of Fashion.


Based on Hermes' example, we can now list the key points which define an investment bag:

Craftmanship, Heritage, Design, Price, Exclusivity, and association with the famous person, most likely a fashion icon. With this keyword in mind, it becomes clear how Lady Dior, Hermes Kelly, and Chanel double flap can join the list of investment items.


But what about other bags? Does it mean that, if a luxury bag cannot become an investment piece it automatically joins a list of bags to rent? The answer is NO. The bags to rent are made to "wow" the fashion crowd, often featuring an extravagant design, new material, or a bold color. The best example of the bag to rent is Prada Cleo, which first debuted in the SS21 season, just after an iconic designer Raff Simons joined Prada as a co-creative director. Prada Cleo's designs are sleek and playful, making them a statement piece in your outfit. Multiple It-girls like Kendall Jenner, Leoni Hannie, and Liu Wen were spotted effortlessly caring the Prada Cleo over their shoulder. The social media presence and beautiful design, granted this bag to skyrocket in fame and become as desirable as Birkin. In other words, the bags to rent are equal to the trendy ones, they are highly desired, defining the trend of the season or maybe even a decade.


After knowing all the key words, which diversify an investment bag from a trendy one, it only comes down to one’s personal choice. The most important question is… does this bag give me butterflies in my stomach? If the answer is yes, you will eventually end up investing in your personal style and pleasure.